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Veterans Get the Day Off

November 11 is Veterans' Day and a new law requires Iowa employers to provide holiday time to employees who are also veterans.

The Veteran's Day Law, passed in April 2010, allows employers to provide the time off as either paid or unpaid, "unless providing time off would impact public health or safety or would cause the employer to experience significant economic or operational disruption."

Under the new law, a veteran employee must notify his/her employer at least one month in advance of the holiday (by Oct. 11) if the employee plans to take time off for Veteran's Day. And, if requested, the employee must also be able to provide a federal certificate of release or discharge from active duty, or other documentation verifying his/her military service history.

Additionally, the law also requires that employers must let veteran employees know if the holiday will be paid or unpaid at least 10 days (by Nov. 1) prior to Veteran's Day.

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