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As a new lawyer at Nyemaster Goode, you will build the skills you need to establish a sophisticated legal practice and develop rewarding client relationships. We will provide support and training to help you do so. We are proud of our track record of hiring associates who become successful shareholders with strong reputations in their areas of specialty.

First, a little on Nyemaster Goode's background. Founded in 1918, we have grown to become the largest firm in Iowa and one of the most recognized firms in the region. The firm's diversified practice and depth of expertise enable it to offer solutions to the most challenging legal issues in virtually every area of the law to companies ranging from emerging start-ups to Fortune 500s. Perhaps this is why the firm was listed as a Go-To Law Firm® in a recent survey of the top 500 U.S. companies by Corporate Counsel magazine, an honor bestowed on only one-half of one percent of all law firms in the world.

By way of example, recently the firm represented: (i) the Iowa General Assembly in its historic lawsuit against the Governor, challenging the constitutionality of the exercise of his item-veto power, a unanimous decision from the Iowa Supreme Court found the vetoes unconstitutional; (ii) one of Iowa's larger insurance companies in its offering of $90 million in securities to the public (Nyemaster Goode is one of the very few firms based in Iowa that handles public offerings of this nature); (iii) a large Des Moines-based life insurer and annuity company in its $2.9 billion merger with an international financial services company; and (iv) institutional lenders across the country, closing approximately $2 billion in commercial real estate financing transactions each of the past few years.

Perhaps most important from your perspective, however, Nyemaster Goode involves its associates in these sorts of sophisticated and interesting projects early in their careers. Unlike the larger firms in larger cities, we do not hire an excess of associates every year, counting on attrition to filter partnership candidates. Nor do we overstaff projects. This means that you will get hands-on, detailed experience upon your arrival. You will not have to endure years of discovery or corporate due diligence before you have client contact. We hire each associate with the expectation that he or she will become a shareholder (a process that generally takes five years versus the eight to ten you will see in New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis).

Our billable hour expectation of 1,850 hours per year is hundreds less than that found in larger firms in major cities. We expect our associates to have time for their families, for community involvement, and for other extracurricular activities. On top of these lifestyle opportunities, our starting salary of $95,000 for first-year associates is very competitive in the Midwest region.

If you would like to inquire about opportunities available at Nyemaster Goode, please contact:

David Bower
700 Walnut Street, Suite 1600
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Katie Graham
700 Walnut Street, Suite 1600
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

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