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Nyemaster Goode Hosts Labor and Employment Seminar

July 21, 2016

Nyemaster Goode recently hosted its annual Labor and Employment Legal Update seminar.  Attorneys from Nyemaster Goode’s Labor and Employment Department discussed how organizations can best position themselves for success with regard to labor and employment issues, including new EEOC guidance on employer-provided leave, gender identity issues, new OSHA guidance on retaliation, the gig workforce, the new Defend Trade Secrets Act, new overtime pay requirements, accommodating mental illness, and wage discrimination and pay equality.  Click below if you would like to access the PowerPoint presentations from the seminar.

Mary Funk - We're From the Government and We're Here to Help: New EEOC Guidance on Employer-Provided Leave and the ADA

Amanda Atherton and Leslie Behaunek - Update on Gender Identity and Transgender Issues in the Workplace

Tom Cunningham - New OSHA Record-Keeping and Anti-Retaliation Rules

Frank Harty - The Gig Workforce: Hidden Risks and The Defend Trade Secrets Act

Frank Harty - Outline - The Workforce of the Future: Minimizing Legal Risk

Frank Harty - The New FLSA Regulations

Stacey Cormican - The (Over)Time is Now: Assessing, Paying, & Managing the Newly Non-Exempt Employee

Fran Haas - Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Managing and Accommodating Mental Illness in the Workplace

Ben Roach and Katie Graham - Battle of the Sexes: Pay Equality and Wage Discrimination from Both Perspectives

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