Nyemaster Goode, P.C.

Nonprofit Organizations

Our Practice:

Nyemaster Goode has an extensive practice in advising nonprofit organizations of all types, including health care organizations, hospitals, colleges, schools, trade associations, churches, arts and humanities organizations, community organizations, and private foundations. Our attorneys help nonprofit organizations navigate through the complex issues concerning organization, governance, tax-exemption, lobbying, mergers and consolidations, contracts, regulations, and privacy. In addition, we regularly educate nonprofit group leaders through seminars and articles on current developments, including legislative changes.

Our Experience:

Regularly advise boards of directors of nonprofit organizations on fiduciary duties including the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on nonprofit organizations and recent federal legislation.

Incorporated and obtained tax-exempt status under IRC §501(c)(3) for state health care organization.

Represented client in merger of two nonprofit health care organizations operating in Central Iowa.

Represent trade associations on a wide array of issues, including lobbying and legal compliance.

Regularly incorporate and obtain tax-exempt status under IRC §501(c)(3) for Iowa nonprofit organizations.

Represent nonprofit dental insurance company.

Represent nonprofit psychiatric childcare corporation.

Represented nonprofit insurance company in conversion to mutual insurance company and demutualization.

Represent private foundation in connection with a $2.0 million gifting agreement with a municipality for recreational improvements and facilities.

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