Nyemaster Goode, P.C.


Our Practice:

Nyemaster Goode has worked with individuals and organizations in Iowa and throughout the world to develop and protect rights in intellectual property in the United States and abroad. Our Intellectual Property attorneys provide significant depth of experience in copyright law.

Our Experience:

Secure rights in, and clear use of copyrightable and copyrighted works, including acquisition, federal registration, and licensing of copyrightable works.

Counsel and represent clients in response to demands from copyright compliance organizations.

Identify and protect rights of publicity and privacy, as well as clear rights for the use of same.

Counsel in the development of fair use guidelines with respect to third party works.

Advise clients on work for hire and other copyright ownership issues.

Render copyright infringement opinions.

Assist clients with book publishing agreements, author agreements, character licenses, negative pick-up agreements for independently produced motion pictures, and production contracts for musical plays.

Represent clients in the prosecution and defense of litigation claims in all of these areas, in state and federal court.

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