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Intellectual Property Opinions

Our Practice:

The risk-benefit assessment provided by a detailed, reasoned analysis and opinion on intellectual property rights is often vital to clients when determining whether or not to launch a new product or to pursue an infringement claim against a third party. Nyemaster Goode’s attorneys regularly provide opinions to clients regarding the potential for new product launches to infringe third parties’ rights, third parties’ infringement of our clients’ rights, and the validity of our clients’ or a third party’s relative intellectual property rights. Our attorneys have extensive experience analyzing proposed inventions and marks for which clients may file patent or trademark applications and providing opinions to the clients regarding the likelihood of registration and the scope of rights that may be obtained. In the patent arena, we are also experienced in preparing freedom to operate or clearance opinions, rendered to determine whether a specific product or process that the client plans to commercialize infringes patents owned by others; and design-around opinions, which help a client determine the extent to which they may design around problematic patents. The analysis and opinions on intellectual property rights our attorneys provide assist clients in maintaining their competitive edge while operating in fast moving marketplaces.

Our Experience:

Our attorneys have experience in rendering:

  • Patentability opinions
  • Patent infringement opinions
  • Patent validity opinions
  • Trademark availability opinions
  • Trademark infringement opinions
  • Trademark validity opinions
  • Copyright infringement opinions
  • Copyright validity opinions
  • Trade secret protection opinions
  • Freedom to operate opinions
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