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Our Practice:

Licensing of intellectual property rights between the owner of the rights and the party wanting to purchase use of the rights is often a logical and profitable arrangement for both parties. Nyemaster Goode’s attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting a wide range of intellectual property license agreements including simple licensing agreements, complex joint ventures, corporate partnerships and strategic alliances for a limited purpose. We counsel clients on all the features that make up a license, including defining the subject licensed, weighing the appropriate consideration for the license, evaluating the competitive and business environment presented by exclusivity and planning for cases of license termination. Our attorneys work with clients to extract value from their intellectual property and obtain appropriate rights in cases where the intellectual property is owned by others.

Our Experience:

Some of the licensing matters with which Nyemaster Goode attorneys have assisted clients include:

  • confidentiality agreements
  • patent licenses
  • trademark licenses
  • copyright licenses
  • employment agreements relating to intellectual property ownership and rights
  • research agreements
  • consulting agreements
  • trademark consent-to-use agreements
  • joint development agreements
  • know-how licenses
  • franchise avoidment licenses
  • merchandise license agreements
  • sales representative agreements
  • supply and license agreements
  • university technology licenses
  • software development agreements
  • link licenses
  • hosting agreements
  • end user license agreements
  • domestic and international agreements licensing proprietary techniques, formulations, procedures, technologies and intellectual property rights in the agricultural chemical industry
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